Thursday, July 28, 2011

Auntie Time!!

Our friends have gone to the splash park a few times and Emma and I have yet to join them. It's either been a little too hot for this lady... or her mother had yet to get her a swim suit! But, at a garage sale the other day I found this cute little suit for $.50! What a steal!

Now all we have to do is get to the splash park before the end of summer!

Here you go Abby! She finally fits into your "My auntie loves me" sleeper! She woke up just smiling away in it this morning. 

There was a cute video of her chatting away this morning too, but it won't upload to the blog. Here's the link to it on Facebook. Chatter Box

Cara normally stops in here and there throughout the week. We hadn't seen her all weekend so the excitement was filling the room when she got here. Emma loves spending time with her. 

I was going through my camera and deleting all the pictures. I totally forgot I took this! I wanted to remember just how small and precious Emma's fingers were. In my mind, the picture was suppose to turn out very different. But, Cara almost died laughing when she saw this, so I had to put it up. 

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