Sunday, July 17, 2011

Finding things to do indoors...

This week is suppose to be ridiculously hot. So, we found some interesting things to do inside. I made some S'more Cookies that Jay was able to take to a grill out. They weren't warm but still gave you the smore taste! Delicious!

Next, we had some what of a beauty day that involved a foot massage and a little bit of a make over. Who did they go to you might ask?

The foot massage goes to.........

Not who I would have guessed either!

The hair/facial cut...... 

You got it!

Front Before

Side Before

Front After

Side After

I think he lost 5 pounds in hair. It was crazy!

Emma is still putting everything she can find into her mouth.... Including....

This reminded me of a video my sister Abby and I filmed. Video  Whenever I need a good laugh, I just watch this. Oh Abby.

And here's just a cute one of Emma. Enjoy!

Last. We're working on sitting up. Assistance is still needed but, she's getting better at it.

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