Thursday, August 4, 2011

Growing up!

Here are some pictures I forgot I had taken with my phone. 

Emma's first time in a swing! She loved it and even fell asleep for a little bit! 

A group of mom's from WTC get together a few times a week. Our goal was to hit up the parks and enjoy the outdoors together and with our kids. BUT.... the first portion of the summer was filled with rain and the second portion was too hot!!! Hoping the end of the summer will treat us better! Even though it was a bit warm this day, we snuck an outing to the park in. Here's Emma with the little girl Kayla watches. 

Working on sitting up!
 If we're not at the park, you can find us in the WCCC nursery. This place has hosted us more times than any of us can count! Payton is working on being a great big sister by helping me out and giving Emma her bottle. What a great helper! 

Jay's parents went on vacation out west and brought us back some souvenirs! 
Here's the shirts they got us!

Last, we got a break from the heat this week and took a trip to the zoo. 
There were many great pictures from the zoo this trip, but I'll just share 2.
Michelle is the newest lady to our crew and her boy Mason. (bottom left in the big picture) She was the only one not holding a child or pushing a stroller. So... I coaxed her into getting close to this goose/bird thing in the Australian part of the zoo.

Here's the whole crew that made it! Jack's hiding from the camera but he was definitely there and a big helper with the doors!

These ladies are amazing and have helped me through the first 6 months as a mom. I'm so thankful for them and can't wait to continue to do this 'mom' thing with them!

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