Saturday, August 20, 2011

Home Makeover Udey Edition

Jay's parents came down this past Thursday morning (8/18) and left only a few hours ago (8/20). Two rooms in our house got an amazing makeover in those two days! Here's the before and after pictures. 

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

I think the next one is the most amazingly transformed room in our house.

Master Bathroom Before

Master Bathroom After

I had to throw this extra picture in because I think it captures the beautiful floor that was hidden under carpet!

I am sooooooooooooo thankful for the work done on our house. What a great birthday gift! Speaking of that. I want to thank those that so graciously gave me a gift(s) on my birthday. Although I loved them all, I think my husband beats everyone. Sorry! :) There's a little back story to this one:
In the spring of 2009, Jay and I started dating. That year, on my birthday he was traveling for work and was out of town but sent me a dozen pink roses and even had them delivered at work. The next year rolls around and the same thing happens. Of course, we enjoy time together on other days surrounding my birthday, but there is something about the DAY that would be nice to spend with him. 
So, this year, his parents were in town and he did a little planning behind my back. He went to work and his parents started working on the house. I just continued to clean and put things back in their place. When Emma woke up from her nap, I was changing her diaper and heard the door open and thought it was his mom and instead it was JAY!!!!! He took the afternoon off to spend with me! We enjoyed the day downtown and in the East Village just walking, going in stores that we can't with Emma, and even had lunch down there. Then, we enjoyed a cup of coffee and dessert at La Mie and even packed in a few errands together. It was more than I could have asked for and was a wonderful surprise. 

And, just like I said in one of my recent posts, a post is complete without some Emma. We had a water day in our backyard. Here's the little princess.

After a while, she was more interested in the grass. 

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