Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Few Milestones....

Well, there may be an overload of pictures on this post, but there's so much to update on! We've tried to get Emma to wear shoes since she's loving standing. But, we haven't found the right pair quite yet. Here's a few pictures of her in the shoes we fit her in. 

Emma's begun working out... sorta. I'm convinced she was doing a side plank when I took this photo.

Emma and I headed to the splash park with the WTC moms for the first time. I got a picture of her before hand because I knew I'd end up sitting in the water with her to make sure she didn't tip over. One of our friends snapped a few pictures of when Emma was in the water. So, thanks to Jennifer we got her first splash park adventure fully documented.

Someone enjoys splashing.

Trying to catch the waves.

Shades.... well fun ones. I found these glasses that I had grabbed from a free box at a garage sale. She was making the funniest faces while wearing them. 

Emma and I eat breakfast together. On two separate mornings, I captured what goes on most mornings at the Udeys. The video is Emma's normal wake up song she sings after breakfast. What music to my ears. The picture is from a morning I was eating my breakfast and looked down to this.

Everything ages, including my car. My car, Stuart, has been with me since the early years of high school and hit a milestone this week.

Pray he sticks around!

Standing!!! She still isn't the biggest fan of being on her tummy, but she is in love with standing. She does pretty well on her own. I'm still behind her for the moments she gets excited and falls backwards. 

Last, for all you who think all kids are sweet and innocent. 
Let this picture tell the story. 

A close up.
Of course, I am only joking. Emma is a wonderful child and a delight. I just happened to catch her while she was glancing in the right direction. 

Here she is in the same outfit but way cuter!

Well the last, last.... Emma's getting a tooth!!!!!!! A tooth on her bottom gums is starting to poke through. How exciting!!!! I'm sure there will be many pictures when it pops through but until then....

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