Friday, May 11, 2012

Lots of Play

Off to school already!?!!?

All grown up! 

Someone is getting tall! 

After all this growing, I need a drink!

Every time Emma gets up from sleeping she takes a super big drink like this!

As promised, a belly picture! When I look back at the picture I took of myself the day I went in to deliver Emma, I feel like I'm already that big! This little girl is growing and kicking like crazy. I really, really don't remember Emma moving this much! Maybe she'll be a calm child on the outside? We'll see soon enough :) 

A fast, new breakfast treat! Check it out on the Recipe page!  

Outside time! During the day, we've been spending most of our afternoons in the back yard. Whenever Jay mows, we play outside and do LOTS of waving to daddy as he makes a million rounds on the lawn mower. I love seeing how excited Emma gets just about every single time he comes around. 

The 2 people I love the most!!!!

 Today, our goal is to not leave the house/yard until our hang out tonight. I try and do this every once in a while. I feel like sometimes we are on the go all the time, running errands here or there, or going to garage sales. I want Emma and her sister to be able to just hang out at home and be content. Sometimes I think it might be harder on the momma, but we are doing it! 

These are the days Emma spends a lot of time in her diaper,
but she insisted on wearing her vest for a while today.

Well, that's a new way to ride the train.
Once again, I asked her to smile for the camera. Goof.

"Look Mom, a new seat!"

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