Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Abby Graduates!!!!

It's hard to believe that my littlest sister has now graduated high school, but she has! We traveled to MN to help prepare for her grad party and watch her graduate. We were all pretty exhausted by Saturday evening. But, it was well worth the work! Here are some pics from the trip. 

The morning we left.

Grandpa is an expert nail cutter!

Cousin Wyatt & Emma playing with tractors!

Emma was pretty fearful of the puppies.
But, with Wyatt and Grandpa's help, she warmed up to them eventually.

Drawing pictures. 

It was hilarious watching them play together with this cow. 

These 2 got along pretty darn well. My mom took a bunch of great pictures of them walking around the yard holding hands and of Wyatt feeding Emma pretzels. It's adorable. Those will be on another post though.   :)

Strutting her stuff in some slippers. 

Dancing with the graduate!

Cuddle time with Auntie Cara.
 Cara decided to wrap Emma up in a blanket. What a queen!

She's smiling better in this one..... 

.... but, they are all looking in this one. :) 


Thank you Grandma Udey for the beautiful dress to wear!

Here she goes!

Singing "You Raise Me Up" at graduation!

She's done!!!!
 Congrats Abby! We are so proud of you!!

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