Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mason, Mason, Mason...

Mason Smith is one amazing kid and playmate for Emma. Michelle and Mason came over last week, and the kids had a blast together! They play almost perfectly together. They share toys and even play with the same toy for more than 5 minutes together without fighting! What a pair!  The first few pictures are from when Michelle watched Emma here while I went to the doctor. That seems like forever ago!!!! Enjoy! 

Lunch Time.

These are from last weeks play date!

This was Mason and Emma in the first 2 minutes that he arrived. 

Mason kept giving Emma hugs; she thought he was tickling her!

Check out my shades.

We have been so blessed to get to know the Smith family in the last year+.  We are waiting the arrival of Riley, their little girl, in a little over 2 weeks. We CANNOT wait to see how our little girls interact. What a blessing.

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