Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Here's our Christmas in pictures!


Lily just chillin'.

Jay enjoying a cup of coffee.


Wearing her new Elmo shirt and reading with Daddy!

Living on coffee :)
 I got a cake pop machine from Jay's parents for Christmas. We decided to try it out. They are delicious!

We got to Skype with my parents, Cara, and Abby today too. What a treat! We also found out what our Christmas present was from my parents!

Here is is....

.... a keyboard!
I loved playing the piano growing up and find it quite relaxing. Emma is put in almost a trance while it is being played. I can't wait to teach our little family how to play! 

A lot of Emma's Christmas presents had to do with the bath! Bath crayons, bubble bath, bath markers, and bath letters and numbers! She spent forever in the tub! 

Last, Lily tried oatmeal! 

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