Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Here's some videos of how we keep busy these days!
She loves this puzzle!

Horsey rides from Daddy are the best! She couldn't easily get up on his back, so she went and got her stool. She tends to do this quite a bit during the day when she can't reach something she wants.

Jay thought Emma looked really cute in this outfit. I agree! Check out her new kicks! They were suppose to be a Christmas present, but she's growing too fast!

Now to the name of the post! I'm working on colors with Emma. We are currently making progress on green, blue, and yellow. 

Cara came over and gave me a little makeover! I LOVE IT!!!



Cara practiced giving Emma a haircut. She did so well sitting still. But, rest assured, no locks were snipped!

Last, Cara brought over a little adult snack: Dr. Pepper!!! I let Emma have a little sip. I think she enjoyed it! 

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