Monday, March 18, 2013


Since the day they were born (5 days apart), they seem to have developed a lot of the same habits or routines. They were both born at exactly 8lbs 8oz. They have had very similar sleeping habits.... And, they are now both teething at the same time! Here they at less than a week old!

We got the privilege of watching Bowen this weekend while Dylan and Skyla moved! Thus, I learned for a few hours what life with twins would be like. No thank you....... From what I have heard, the first year is hard and they they start playing together. Lily and Bowen are about 7.5 months old, so still in the hard part. I was very thankful that our ladies from Bible study were here to help out during a chunk of the time. Lots of props to moms of twins+. 
Here are their pictures from this weekend!

Goof ball.

What a cutie!

I'm sure they will grow up to be such great friends. Well, that's our hope :)
Here's to Lily and Bowen! 

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