Sunday, March 3, 2013

Emma & Daddy

We were recently suppose to have some flurries, which turned into 4.5", which turned into almost a foot of snow! Iowa has some crazy weather! 
With all the snow, we HAD to let Emma enjoy it! Now, she can't get enough of it!
Perfect shot of Emma nailing Daddy with a snowball!

Just wondering around.

Snowman time!

Almost done.

I'll let you think of your own caption for this one.

Working together.

Of course like any tower we make, Emma has to knock it over. 
Then, Jay used it as a workout.

She enjoys watching ANYTHING we do and then doing it herself. See....

Last, she even 'works' like Daddy. 

And, even though the title is about Emma and Jay, I can't resist sharing these pictures. Lily was so tired and wouldn't fall asleep anywhere. I finally just sat down on Emma's bed with her, and we were watching Emma play. I looked down and she was fast asleep. 

She continues to melt our hearts.

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