Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Homemade crafts, homemade bread, and homemade soup!

We've had quite the week working on some fun things at home. A few months ago, Emma decided she was done napping........ mainly because we took her pacifier away for nap times. Now, she gets to have book time and 'fun' time while learning to sit still and be a little quieter than normal. I got some good ideas from a friend and looked some up online. Here is her favorite of the week!
An old oatmeal jar with holes punched in the top. I had some pipe cleaners, and she matches up the colors and pushes them through. We also bought a bunch of beads at the Dollar Store and she strings them on the pipe cleaners. First time playing: 45 minutes of sitting still!

Next: We bought a bread machine! (craigslist is amazing!)
Here are our first 2 attempts. Delicious! 
Plain white bread.

Cutting in!

Peanut butter chocolate chip bread. Hello! 

Last, I made homemade beef stew. I've been wanting to do this the whole winter and just kept forgetting! 

Can't forget the girls. 
Lily's first tooth has popped through! 

And, Emma let me put a cute pony tail in her hair!!!!! For those of you who know me well, I've been waiting FOREVER to do this! She looks so much older to me with it in!

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