Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Highs and Lows

The last week has been rather confusing for Emma. Here's why:
Tuesday, April 30 we went to the park and it was 85 degrees.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday it snowed; at one point the temperature was down to 33 degrees, I believe.. It snowed for 30 straight hours.

Then, yesterday (Monday) we played outside for hours, because it was 75 out again!
So beware, there are lots of pictures!

Emma was pretending a leaf was a lolly pop.
Lots of running.
Off to the store.
Lily just hanging out eating the mail.
She looks so stressed in this picture. "What to do?"
Lily's first time sitting in the grass. (I think)
Ewwe it's on my toes!
75 is not warm enough to part with her mittens.
Always wants to see what big sissy is doing.
Amidst the chaos of having 2 girls close together, I almost tear up when I see moments like this.

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