Monday, July 22, 2013

Vacationing in MN P.2

Here's the second half of our week in MN.

My Aunt Shelba came over to visit and meet Lily!

Emma's new favorite outside activity: watering flowers.

Straight out of bed and right to Grandpa! 

We waited until Grandpa's first day off to have doughnuts for breakfast with him! She was SOOO excited!

While Lily napped, we spent some time in Grandma's sewing/craft room. Emma found some Lion King stamps and was loving it!

Emma and Lily enjoying a visit from Great Grandma.

Getting closer and closer with Snickers. 

Nina and the babies!

To Emma, this was the big event of vacation. We got to go down to the Fire Hall and see the fire trucks with Grandpa.  

Here they go!


They found some left over candy from the 4th of July parade!

These tires are huge! 

Stopping for a drink before the walk/ride home.
I even got to explain what the fire trucks are really for as my dad had a fire call the night before we went to see them. Learning all the time. 

Walking down Main Street.

Lily just cracks me up.

As you can see my mom and I were a little behind :)

Hanging up clothes; just like home.
 This was a huge answer to prayers. Emma recently had/has a fear of dogs. But, Snickers got in a playful mood, and Emma just couldn't get enough of it!


Cuddling up with Abby.
One last morning with Snickers. 
After a toasty week in MN, we are glad to be home back in our regular routine, but we are so thankful for our time away. Thanks everyone!

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