Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vacationing in MN

This past week the girls and I took an adventure to my parents house for a week. I took some sweet advice from a great friend to make the traveling part of the trip. (thanks for that mindset Skyla!) The girls and I made a couple potty stops and one "fun" stop at a wonderful rest stop on the way. We played outside and had snack time. After that, the girls slept the rest of the way! (that's 2 hours of peace and quiet)

Just like our vacation with the Udeys, I tend to take A LOT of pictures. But, I figured since I only drive up 1-2 times a year, why not?!?!? And, I wanted to snap some pictures of the kids for my sister since she's been taking such great care of Ellie. Here we go! 

Lily's surprisingly not afraid of the dogs at all!

This was one of Emma's favorite toys to play with, CORN. But, it's a "when Lily's sleeping" only toy. 

This girl cannot get enough of her Pa.
We were in a heat advisory most the week, but we made it outside a few times. My parents and their neighbors have a crazy amount of beautiful flowers. So, we would just take strolls through the yards and look at flowers. 

She's busy and quiet. :) 

Monday, Nina came in with Wyatt and Ellie. I have never seen cousins so happy to see each other. Wyatt even brought lolly pops to share. 

So cute.

Playing house.
Movie time.
Less than 2 weeks and she gets her cast off!!!!

One night, we surprised Abby while she was working down at the local ice cream shop. 

On Tuesday, we headed out to Nina and Joel's house.
But, the morning started with some singing and dancing with GG. 

When we visited them in May it was raining and Wyatt was so disappointed that he couldn't take Emma on a ride in his Alligator. He picked Emma up from the van door practically. Can you see the excitement in this picture?!?!?! They had so much fun!

What a cutie!

Then, we went on a big Gator ride. We got to see goats, chickens, and ducks.  

The babies of the families.
Clearly, she's enjoying the ride.

Break time inside for a minute. 
Emma talks about Baby Ellie all the time.
It was getting hot out so we broke out the water.

Heading to the sandbox to get some buckets for water.
Giving his sister a ride.
Love this picture.
I took a 5 minute break to snap a few pictures of Nina's beautiful flowers. 
I captured a busy bee while I was at it!

That afternoon, one of my long time friends Josiah came over. It was great to catch up and chat with him. He even ended up staying for dinner! 

We also had a surprise guest for dinner! Grandpa Udey! Jay's dad was in Owatonna one last time, so he came over and joined us for dinner. I think Emma was in "Grandpa heaven". 

That's through Tuesday night. I'll be back with more :)

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