Saturday, October 12, 2013

Our Saturday

Our day...
There was a pancake breakfast at the fire department by our house. We didn't go this year, because we didn't even know it was going on! But, we are so thankful for them that we plan to go next year already. We did go thank them and tell them that we pray for their safety and because "My Pa fights fires," says Emma. 

Thank you for serving us!

Then, Jay decided since we could make it to Panera, we should walk to Whole Foods. If you know me, I was up for the challenge. We had walked to Panera, gotten Menchies with Skyla and the kids, walked to Hy-Vee this week..... why not Whole Foods. 

Emma rode the WHOLE way to Whole Foods & half the way back!
Poor Lily. She thought she could ride her's too :( 

We made it!!!

Picking out their snack. Applesauce it is!
Ah, our pic from Menchies!

We walk past this on our long walks. Good reminder of what matters.

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