Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Sadly, we missed the outing to the pumpkin patch with our moms group due to some under the weather children. So, we took advantage of probably one of the last warm days we'll have for a long time. First, we headed to Ankeny and grabbed some Burger King. Coupons and free fries are awesome! Fed a family of 4 for $8.79, and we were stuffed!

Princess Lily.
Princess Emma.
Then, off to the pumpkin patch we went!
As you can see, Emma was soooooo excited to go!

We didn't think she could pick this up. She proved us wrong!

Swinging high!
Playing some bags.
Lily thought it made a better slide.
You could dress up a scarecrow.... or Lily :)

Then, came the bales of hay. Emma LOVED this. She just kept jumping off and sliding down.

She found the pumpkins.

Wagon helper.
Trying to feed the goats.
"Lil you should try it."
"See, like this." (I was surprised she touched the donkey!)
One more petting of the donkey before we headed home.
Our family!

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