Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend in MN!

This past weekend was our first vacation as a family. We spent 2 days with my family and then 2 days with Jay's family. There are SOOOOO many pictures to share!

Toys, toys, toys. 
Auntie Abby doing a great job feeding Emma.
Emma loving the dogs!
GiGi time!

One afternoon, my dad came running in the house and told us all to come outside. To our amazement, a momma snapping turtle had laid eggs in their yard and the eggs all hatched that day! My dad noticed them at the perfect time! We found a total of 24 baby snappers. 

Grandpa time!
She sat with him for so long!
Emma with Auntie Nina.
Wyatt sharing with Emmy. (what he calls her)
Auntie Abby being silly with Emma.

My dad is remodeling the upstairs at their house. There was one ton of sheetrock to put up upstairs. The plan was to take each piece through the window. It went pretty well. 

Joel directing traffic.
Emma playing in the grass. 
So intense!
Bronson, Jay, neighbor Brian, Joel, and my dad all at work!

Off to Jay's parents....

Playing with blocks!
Emma had so much play time. Jay's mom also took her for many walks in the house so I was able to rest. It was much appreciated!

Play time with Grandpa!

Emma loving being with her grandparents. 
What a wonderful weekend! Our time at each place was so relaxing. We enjoyed a fire at my parent's house and playing Jay's dad's new PS3. 
(our arms are still a little sore) 

Emma came back with 2 new habits. She has learned to stick her tongue out and spit at the same time. Gross. The other is.... Emma has learned to clap! We clap and say "Yeah" and she claps back. Amazing she can learn!

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