Friday, October 14, 2011

Green or Orange?

Our little lady has been busy.... being super cute! Here's a billion, well not that many, photos and videos!

 This is what I get to see when I go get Emma from her nap.

Emma gets really excited when playing with her toys before bedtime. 
Can you tell?

Play time!

She must be really excited to see herself! 

I needed to keep her occupied one day on the changing table and handed her the pacifier she was given at the hospital. She is in love with chewing on it now!

Here's a video of it: 

Someone is into drooling again.

Playing hide and seek!

To the title.....
Back story: During the week, we (Emma & I) spend a lot of time with the moms and their kids of course. Which means, Emma spends tons of time with my great friend Kayla's boys, Emerson & Oakley. From birth the boys have been dressed in green (emerald) and orange so people can tell who is who. Kayla and I have notice Emerson being a little 'friendly'/shy around Emma. We're convinced he has a crush on her and they'll be together forever. I may be reading into this...... but Emma clearly has picked the green leg of the table over the orange one..... 

Of course, I'm just joking around. I just thought this was so funny. We do occasionally say that they'll end up together but all just for fun. 

Another monitor video!!! I think somehow in the dark, Emma found her mobile.

What a doll!

She enjoys her books!

And she's starting to shuffle down the couch to get something she wants!!!!

Well.... hope that updates you with our week! There will be plenty more videos and photos to come!!!!!

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