Monday, October 3, 2011

Cool Dude

Emma loves standing!! Most times she pushes her table and takes a little spill. This time she took a few steps.... she has yet to repeat this but it's a start!

Best way to start the pictures off, Daddy & Emma!

 I picked this hat up a long time ago for free at a garage sale. Emma has recently found it and plays a little bit of dress up with it. It just screams, "I'm a cool dude!" to me!

My FAVORITE pic of her in this hat! Straight from the 80's.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. So, Cara, Emma, and I did some baking and then Jay joined us in a walk around Jordan Creek Mall and even the pond outside!
While at the mall, we began searching for a hat for Emma for winter. She tried some on but no luck.

MMMMM...... Coffee and pumpkin muffins!
Jay helped lighted the load and used our baby carrier!! Emma loved it!!!

She looks so chunky in this picture!

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