Monday, December 12, 2011

Daddy Time

Well, the last week has been interesting, yet wonderful. Jay was on a work restriction of 4 hours a day. Since it takes 45 minutes to drive to work, he stayed home all week to rest, recover, and work! As sad as it was that having strep and mono was the reason he was home, Emma and I loved it! I think any woman would love for her husband to be home more than they can be and we got it this week! After we found out Jay wasn't contagious, he was able to interact more with Emma how he like to. 

She loves her daddy!

Food. I think it's Emma's new love. If you have ANYTHING, she wants it, even if it's still in the box!
Wheat Thins anyone?

Look at the aggression; it's like we don't feed her!

She has started this new thing when she is done eating. She screams and raises her arms in the air. I got a little video of it too. 

The other night while doing dishes, I turned the light off and she just started laughing. I grabbed my camera quick and she's doing it a little in the video. She's so much fun!

Jay is helping me find my inner cook. (We're looking pretty hard.) So, every Friday I make a new recipe. This is Bacon & Tomato Presto Pasta. It was sooo yummy! Here's the recipe if you'd like to try it! 

A little bare butt picture.

Loving bath time!

Checking out her new mittens from Cousin Larren!

A better picture of Emma in her cute hat and coat from Grandma Udey!!

She loves this snowman!

Here's a video of her walking. She's getting better and better!

For those of you who have not seen me with bangs, or as Cara calls it a fringe,
they normally are better groomed.... next time. 

Last, this is how I found Emma this morning, tearing up a napkin.
She was having so much fun!

We've had a pretty crazy, stay-at-home week. I'm excited Jay is well and back to work, yet a little part of me wishes the doctor would have said he had to stay home this week too. 

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  1. Did I totally miss when she got her ear's pierced?? She looks so sweet! My kids always love extra daddy time! Glad he was not contagious!