Friday, December 16, 2011

Reading & Reindeer

Another walking video! She's getting much better, but it's a little hard to catch on camera.

Start off with a cute, cute smile.
Sleeping beauty.

A new stuffed animal to carry around. Thanks Aunt Shelba!

A good friend, Kristi, from church stopped by with her daughter Mayleigh (MJ). Emma and MJ played so well together. Of course, Emma's favorite playmate is Auntie Cara. Cara has much more energy than I do, so she does the airplane rides. :)

Constantly standing up.

Emma was being so giggly!!!! I got a little of it on video!

This past Thursday, I was let out of the house alone!!! A new friend, Melissa, had a birthday and a few of us ladies went to Biaggi's for dinner. It was amazing to get out, not worry about getting home, and know that Emma was safe and sound with her daddy. We had a little gift exchange and I believe I got the most amazing present. Emma LOVES this blowup reindeer!

It was the first toy she went for after getting up from her nap.

 Emma has learned to take ALL her books off of her bookshelf. 

She loves reading, even the Bible. What a scholar or..... drummer? A wonderfully, amazing friend from college, Stephy B, dropped off some Christmas treats. Emma loves the tin she brought them over in. I had to take the treats out after Emma decided to dump them all over the couch. :)

Emma seems to do something strangely new every day. Lately, she has been beating her chest like an ape. I know, weird. Some days she does it with both hands and it's simply hilarious. 

And, I'll leave you with a smile.

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