Monday, December 5, 2011

A rough weekend....

What a weekend! Between Jay and Emma, we've seen the inside of the doctor's office 4 times in the last 4 days. Emma's doing well and just has a cold, but Jay has mono and strep. Two sick babies in my house. 
Emma manages to make me laugh still. These were taken a day or so before she got sick. 

Cara lured her under her castle...

And back out.... 

She just looks so grown up in this picure!

Finding new textures!


She's a little nervous to go back under by herself. 

Emma loves her cat!

And..... she got her first bruise from her play table. 
We should call her stretch! She's so tall!

The bruise looked a little better the next morning.
She kind of looks like a football player :)

All in all, I think we've had better weekends. But, somehow, I'm sure and know it could be worse. Let's pray it doesn't get worse! Any prayers for the Udey family are appreciated! Especially that I don't get sick! Someone has to take care of the other two!

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