Thursday, December 1, 2011

Princess Emma

Emma now has a castle to call her own. My parents had a great idea, that I would have never thought of. Since Emma will be walking and I'm sure get some cabin fever this winter, they thought this would be a good idea to have in the house! Clever idea!!!

Loving her castle!

She loves this so much. Every time she goes, without mommy's help, she just sits on the floor and screams until I pick her up again to go down the slide. We're working on teaching her how to get up in order to come down. Needless to say, we are taking a little break from the castle for the sake of mommy's arms and back. 

On another note, one day earlier this week I turned around and found this. Instead of getting frustrated (which I normally would, but I'm working on it), I just let her enjoy herself!

Kind of disgusted at first.... 

She would bury Cherrios and then eat them.

Maybe she's trying to pray.... ?
Or just squish sweet potatoes between her fingers :)

Then she started to pick up the bowl.... so it was time to quit. 

On a totally random note..... we have a crazy amount of squirrels in our yard. 
Yesterday, Emma and I looked out the window to find..... 

The squirrel(s) had already eaten 2 gourds and 1 small pumpkin.

I went to check today and another pumpkin is gone and the big ones are being etched away at. Maybe they were just trying to get rid of them so I didn't have to pick them up and throw them away. Thoughtful squirrels. (Gotta think positively)

Last, my computer is dying..... right now the power cord is being bent the right way by a box and book in order to get power to the computer. Therefore, if you don't hear from me for a while.... prepare for the post of a lifetime when I get a computer up and working!

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