Saturday, June 2, 2012

Picture Overload from MN!

I love when my mom sends me pictures taken with her camera. So, it's hard for me to only select a few to blog about...... there are quite a few, but I didn't put them all up!
On the way home from getting a few things from Sam's Club, my dad and I saw these 2 bald eagles. We raced home and grabbed my mom, and they went back and captured these amazing photos!



The only picture of Wyatt & I, but he is such a great hugger.
The belly at 30 weeks!
This was about 1 hour before we left my parents house. 
Emma FINALLY was not afraid of Snickers!


Hugs from Grandpa in the morning.  
Grandpa and his beautiful grandkids!

Grandpa helped Emma get used to Snickers. 

Look at all the facial expressions.... Not sure Emma was up for a picture.

Auntie Time!!

Auntie Nina

Emma sat with Auntie Abby while she opened most of her graduation cards. 

Hanging with the big girls.

Oh Auntie Cara. 


Here are some of my favorite pictures. My mom truly captured the moment. Wyatt asked if he could carry Emma's snack cup around, and Emma would ask Wyatt with sign language for a snack. It was so cute to watch them interact. 

"Please" (in Emma's sign language)

He would give her a bit of half of the pretzel and eat the other half!

"Let's go on a walk Emmie."

"Mom, can I crawl up here?"

"Oh, I'll show you how to get up here." 

After a few thunderstorms, we had lots of sticks to pick up!


Always on the go. 

Taking walks with Daddy.

And a kiss goodbye.

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