Friday, June 28, 2013


A beautiful, breezy day! Emma had a great time painting, with water that is!

She found some wet chalk and had a blast!

So focused.

We decided it was WAY too nice to stay inside after Lily had woke up from her nap. So, we headed back outside!!!!!

"Hey Mom, guess what I can do?"


She takes after her Daddy in the muscle department.
Cheese :)
 So, this picture is for anyone who thinks raising these 2 girls is a piece of cake. I see this face multiple times a day as Emma and Lily bump into each other, step on each other, or even pull each other's hair. 
Don't worry, this lasted about 5 seconds.
Then, Emma kissed away her pain.
Curls, curls, curls!
With all this playing outside, someone has to do some work.
Perfect day to hang dry some clothes!

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