Friday, June 28, 2013

Our Own Amazing Race

Out church had an Amazing Race night tonight. There are a few of us who would love to participate, but we are on our own amazing race that, well, lasts longer than one night. Myself included, we had 5 moms, 9 kids out of the womb, and 2 kids in the womb! Lots of bodies and LOTS of fun!

Auntie Cara helped prep the back patio for the night. 
 I've been trying to work more with my camera with water shots.... so there may be a few of Lily, because I got excited about how they turned out!

"One of my top teeth came in!" 



More painting!

The oldest of the kids!

Soccer time.



Playing house.

"To infinity and beyond!"

Water fun!

Precious Luca.

Adorable Whitney.

All the kids.

All the kids + the wonderful women who birthed them. :)

Love you ladies! Here's to a few more Amazing Races!!!

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