Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Visitors Galore

We've had a few visitors in the last week. Jay's parents came into town this last weekend. It was short but filled with lots of love. Emma went on her first Grandma and Grandpa date. They went downtown to the Marriot for breakfast. I'm so glad Darlynn took my camera!

We had some fun in the pool with Mason last week too!

My wonderful, long-time friend Holly came over today for 4 hours. She recently moved to MN and I cherish the visits we get. She snapped a picture of us, but here is one of her and Emma. So adorable! 

For 2 other non-post items: Jay got a smoker! We enjoyed a smoked chicken Sunday night, and it was delicious!

Last thing, our church, Walnut Creek West, provides a free car wash to show Christ's love to others during the summer. This last week, the girls and I even got to help out!

Last, a cutie at the park!

And, our loves.