Thursday, May 21, 2015


Ballet.... it was something Emma wanted to try. We thought it was a wonderful idea, but we needed to work on taking direction/instructions from 'strangers' before we enrolled her in any kind of ballet class. I found a Zumba Kids class at Valley Community Center. I highly recommend their classes! 

After a few weeks of going to this, we found a ballet class that was 6 weeks long, once a week, at the WDM Community Center. This was right up our alley, as we aren't fans of making a 3-6 month commitment on something we aren't quite sure how it will go. 

Her outfit she picked out. 


Testing out a new outfit...
...and another.
Pictures can be deceiving and these probably are. Zumba and ballet were quite a challenge for us. We learned a lot about Emma though. She does not like to have a lot of attention on her, taking direction from someone she is not 100% comfortable with is difficult, and she is a sponge. Beyond stretching at the beginning of class, the participation level for her meant simply walking from wall to wall many weeks. But, we kept going and talked about finishing what we start and learned about perseverance. There were tears from Emma and even myself during the 6 weeks.... But, we learned that because Emma is a sponge, she makes a wonderful teacher. She is still teaching Lily everything she learned in class and imitating the silly voices the teacher would use. And, she is dancing up a storm at home. 

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