Thursday, May 14, 2015

End of AWANAs & Mother's Day!

This woman. Not enough can be said about her. She is just beyond helpful in our house every time she is here. If it's not wrestling with our older two, getting a paintbrush up her nose, her hair pulled, or kicked... in the face (all these things were accidents), she is coloring pictures, playing Playdoh, painting nails, and feeding bottles. Amazing. So thankful. 

Emma finished up her first year of AWANAs this past week. The year started off rocky but with the help of some amazing teachers and God's grace, we made it to the end and she ever completed her book and met a new friend! The patience, time, and tenderness of the teachers we could never repay them for. I think Emma will genuinely miss going to AWANAs every Tuesday. Thanks for your patience AWANAs teachers!!!

Fun pic of Jay and Paige. He is beyond
helpful with her and the other girls!!!
 On to Mother's Day.  We aren't a family that celebrates many holidays as we tend to celebrate them year round...Jay is such a wonderful dad and husband that I truly feel like I am helped out and treated wonderfully throughout the year. But, I did try to spend a little time with each girl individually. Emma and I headed out on a bike ride to a garage sale! We had a blast and I even got a jog in to keep up with her! 

She got all dolled up for church. 
 We had our community group over the night before Mother's Day. The men in our Bible Study wrote notes to the moms.... and mine brought me to tears. They are so thoughtful, and we are blessed to be in a community like this. What is not pictured is Emma and Lily played with two of the guys for over an hour. 

On to the morning of Mother's Day, I got to go on a hot date with.... my sister! We got coffee and just read. Okay, maybe we had a few good laughs too! 

After coffee, we headed over to a friends house so Jay could help with some yard work. A few ladies and I watched all the kids. Such a blessing!

Udey ladies!

And these are just some fun pictures :)
Singing worship songs. 

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