Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Phone Dump!

I can see how a lot of people don't carry a camera around anymore. Phones are so handy! And most of us have them on us all the time. 

This is our new favorite spot. Lily really enjoys seeing the horses when we drive to the library. BUT, they are selling that land! We found some new horses not far from our house in the other direction! 

Lily and Rozlyn.

Emma just can't get enough 'holding Paige' time. :)

Emma asked if she could take a picture of Paige and me. I figured, why not, I don't have too many pics with her :) She's so sweet. 

One night before bed they were 'talking' to each other on the phone. It was beyond cute. 

Emma dressed her this day. 
Instead of where's Waldo, it's where's Emma?!?!

There she is!

Sliding down her homemade water slide. 

Most early evenings end like this. 
Emma and her new friend Ellie!

 Sweet Paige.

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