Tuesday, May 3, 2011

LONG days...

This week, Emma and I are working on her napping in her crib. Seems like it shouldn't be that hard. But, for a little girl who likes to be held when she naps during the day, it's been a LONG two days so far. We, well mainly I, LONG for Jay to come home. Emma expresses how I feel in these pictures. 

One good thing about this week though is, I have a list of things to work on around the house to keep myself busy.  I put some pictures up on our very LONG and what was empty wall. I need to get a few more to add for some more length, but this is what I've done so far. 

I'll keep working away on my list. If you're reading this, could you stop for just a minute and say a prayer for us. That I'll keep my sanity and that Emma will nap on her own. This may be a LONG process but I've been told, and I know, that in the end it will be worth it. Hope that day comes soon!

1 comment:

  1. I said a prayer for you and your sanity! I know how hard those type of days can be, but you are right it will be SO worth it.