Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stories about Moby in a skirt drinking a MooLatte while tooting and giggling...?

I bet you are wondering where I came up with the title of this post. Well I thought it would be more interesting to put the six main words (Stories, Moby, Skirt, MooLatte, Toot, Giggling) in a sentence than just state them.... the creativity is flowing.... 

Here's a few STORIES that Emma told me the other day :)

This weekend, I planned on getting some type of wrap to carry Emma in. I happen to be looking at some garage sale posts and a lady was getting rid of a brand new MOBY wrap. It had never been used! The big plus was it was 75% less than the price of a new one in a store! Praise the Lord :) Here's the first time modeling it and the results!

Not sure if she was just tuckered out from the day or if it was the wrap, but she fell asleep within 15 minutes of being wrapped up in it. It was wonderful to have two hands to carry a laundry basket and put dishes away. Big fan of the Moby! 

For Mother's Day, Jay, Emma, and I walked around the mall. She fell asleep while Jay was carrying here which was a wonderful. I picked out a new skirt for my Mother's Day present. It's comfy and breezy, both a huge, huge plus. Then, Jay and I shared a MOOLATTE from Dairy Queen to top off the day.

Learning to pick up her feet!
"Mommy's Love Bug" 
Our beautiful baby!

At the beginning, she lets out a little TOOT/grunt. This turns into Emma's personalized Mother's Day gift. A very, very bad diaper. I thanked her for being so thoughtful.
After getting rid of the dirty diaper, she was a much happier baby! Check out her GIGGLING! What a joy she is! 

I'd say it was a perfect first Mother's Day. 

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  1. I love my moby wrap! I have used it with both of my boys. And I am almost sure it was being wrapped up that made her fall asleep. My babies always fall fast asleep in the wrap. Two hands really does make things easier doesn't it?!