Sunday, May 29, 2011

While I was out...

Here are some cute pictures of Emma in her little GAP hoodie that Grandma and Grandpa Udey got her. I had to bundle her up this week when we went to some garage sales and thought this was the perfect outfit!
Look at those pencil legs!

What a ham!

Emma tried out a new toy during bath time. Now that she can actually hold things, she was a little more entertained. 
Mom! I'm in a whale and there's a whale on top of me!! Help!!!

A 'you caught me' look...

Last, but not least. I found these when I was uploading pictures to the computer. Jay let me get out of the house to spend a little time with myself Saturday morning. It was wonderful, but I have to admit I was ready to come home and be with my family. But, this is what I found caught on camera.... 
Two wonderful babysitters! Daddy Jay and Uncle Stasos!

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