Friday, May 13, 2011

What can $7.30 get you?

You'd think not a lot in this world today. Unless..... you go to garage sales. My friend Jennifer and I exchange garage sale addresses most weeks and she found a good one this week. Emma and I headed over and got all this for $7.30!!!!
A gate, table toy, phone toy, shopping cart, Lego piano,
four sleepers, three pants, and a pair of shoes!
So if you're a mom out there or know someone who needs mainly girl clothes, head to this!!! Her clothes were .10-.75. Some outfits were a little more, the most expensive one I saw was $3. Here's the craigslist link Amazing Garage Sale.
There were other garage sales as you can see in the link, but we only made it to this one. 

One another note, Cara came over yesterday and made some Thai food. So, I tried that for the first time.
It wasn't the spicy, kind so I was a fan! 

A little sparkling kiwi/strawberry drink too :) 

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