Wednesday, June 15, 2011

6 strollers, 7 moms, & 11 kids! Yikes!

Jay's parents came down this past weekend to spend time with us and to see Emma. Jay and I were able to go to a hang out for a bit and I came home to Jay's dad dancing in order to keep Emma awake until her bedtime while his mom held her. It was quite the work out but much appreciated! Darlynn also worked on tummy time with Emma. She's getting a little bit better each day! We were also able to go to my good friend Dayna's wedding baby-less. It was strange to not have Emma with us but was also relaxing to be able to enjoy a wedding without standing, rocking, or swaying. Cara was our date :)

A good mid-laugh picture

Emma enjoying time with Grandpa
 And now to the title... Emma and I went to the zoo for the first time! A group of us moms from West Town Church meet quite a few days a week to stay encouraged, have some play time for our kids, and to stay sane. This week, we went to the zoo. We had quite the group as the title has mentioned. 

Here's some of the group.

She was sooooo excited to be there. 

Checking out the monkeys.

Someone didn't make it through the whole zoo.

Last bit-
Emma is getting more entertained with holding things, putting them in her mouth, drooling, and chewing. All of these things were put together during bath time recently. She learned to put the tail of her killer whale in her mouth. It hits the sides of her mouth just perfectly to chew on. Must feel good. 

What a crazy girl!

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