Thursday, June 2, 2011

Random Pics I Couldn't Resist Sharing!

Emma watching an episode of "House" with us before she heads to bed. 

What a doll!

So photogenic!

Some play time with Dad! Since she can now grab things, Jay has to take off his glasses and I have to wear my hair up whenever it's play time. 

I told Emma to make a face for the camera while holding a sign for Auntie Abby that says "Happy Last Day As A Junior". This is the face she made. I think she wanted to emphasize how excited she was that Abby is almost done with another year of school!

I told Emma to smile for a picture for her Grandmas. She must know how much they love her!
In other news, we've been trying to get our first trip to the zoo in with our stay-at-home moms group. We missed the first trip due to an appointment and today it's raining! Hopefully next week we can make it; which means pictures to come!

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