Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!!

I know I'm a few days early.... but we got Jay's Father's Day gift in the mail and we couldn't resist giving it to him. Here's a few pictures of our Father's Day event!

I tried to take a picture of Emma & her gift for daddy, but she's much more interested in the cup of milk.

Jay was CONVINCED we got him a coffee
cup with a picture of Emma on it.


We got him!!! His gift was a deck of cards with Emma's picture on it.

Celebrating Father's Day! Emma & her card & gift for daddy!

My amazing family!!!
The picture I used for the cards!!! What a doll!

Emma is enjoying tummy time a little more thanks to Grandma Udey's help!!

I have been wanting to see a chipmunk walk into our trap since we started catching them. Perfect timing!

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  1. does she like giraffes? lol that is one cute picture! also, do chipmunks ruin your yard or something? we have tons of them too.