Thursday, September 8, 2011

Do You Know What Yesterday Was?

A little info on our baby princess before the answer to the question. :) Miss Emma is getting a little better at the first stages of crawling. Here's the evidence. 

Until she masters crawling, this is how I'm sure she'll continue to get around.

Now to the title of the post. Yesterday was September 7th. Does anyone know what holiday it was? I'll let you think for a moment. While you think, I'll tell you a story. At our Bible Study, we were talking about all the crazy holidays there are. Yes, there are a million. Jay was wondering why there wasn't a day for stay-at-home moms or working dads. (yes, we mentioned Mother's Day & Father's Day) 
So, yesterday, in the Udey household, it was "Thanks for going to work everyday and being such a hard worker" Day. Emma and I had a blast getting dinner ready and dressing up for daddy. He noticed we were dressed up when he came home and asked what today was. (Jay is always worried he is going to forget important dates) I asked him if he forgot what today was..... He started to get worried, so I made him read the card we made him. What a wonderful surprise; he really didn't forget anything. I appreciate Jay working hard so I can stay at home with Emma. Sometimes, I just need to show him in a different way! 

Here's what Emma begged me to wear! I think this is more proof that I have been given the most beautiful little girl in the world!

While we waited for daddy to come home, we worked on clapping. She's getting better and better!

And, there's always time for a good laugh. What a cutie!

Thanks honey and daddy for working so hard!

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