Thursday, September 29, 2011


DO IT YOURSELF. It is the kind of projects I'm into right now.
I recently made a skirt out of an old mens dress shirt. Super easy! I did the waistband a little different than the picture, but it was so easy! Shirt-2-Skirt Tutorial  It turned out great; I didn't take any pictures. Talk about a first!

Here's the DIY project I just finished!!!! 
I went to the thrift store and bought 2 black t-shirts.

After some cutting, sewing, and sweat (j/k), this is what it turned out to be!

A close up!
How I plan to wear it!
It's not perfect, but it kept me busy for a day or so. If you want to try, here's the tutorial! Shirt Tutorial

Our little bugger is moving around pretty quickly these days. If she sees something she wants, she's off. If you've never been to our house, we don't have any staircases. We have one step, one 1/2 step, and one little chunk that can be considered a 1/4 of a step. Emma encountered the 1/2 step yesterday and this was her response....

Well, it won't upload here... so here's the link to Facebook where it is.
I love how her little butt gets a little stuck!

Then, this morning before we left, she conquered it up and down! 

Since yesterday was so beautiful, we spent some time outside!

She smiles so much with her eyes!

Last, Emma's newest habit! She mainly does this after she eats. Maybe she's trying to find any left overs on her face :)

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