Thursday, September 15, 2011

We've got an army crawler!

Emma has started army crawling everywhere!
Here's a few videos of her getting around!

Look at this form!

Here's Emma laughing, playing with her toys, and reading some books!

I know video overload.... but for those who don't get to see our little baby... this is only a small bit of our world they get to see.

Emma's tooth has come in pretty well! She doesn't like me touching it much, but I do anyway :) Just to get a good picture.

I had to take pictures of Emma the day she wore this outfit. She looked so grown up to me!

Last, a little DIY I did! Our weekly planner! I found this on the website Pinterest. It's such an amazing site! I could spend so much time on there! And, we already had this frame in our house. You just put whatever kind of paper you'd like where you would put a picture and write the days of the week on the paper. Then, you just use a wipe board marker to write on the glass! It's wonderful!

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  1. I repinned that one from your board! That is neat that you made it. I love the idea of being a DIYer but it never turns out for me how I envision it in my mind.