Saturday, February 18, 2012

Emma, Emma, Emma :)

This is just going to be a crazy post of pictures :)

Someone loves climbing.... in baskets and on anything!
What a cool lady just sitting and reading.

She thinks the vacuum is for riding... modern day witch? NO!!! She's a princess!!
Smiling away!

For Christmas, Jay's mom made Emma a cute, pink tutu! I have forgotten to get pictures of her in it until today. Today wasn't the best picture day, but I CANNOT stop laughing at a lot of these pictures. 
She has so much personality at 13 months!!!

Trying to sit her down. Lovin' the texture!


I asked her to sit still.... should have asked her to smile too!



So much excitement...

... and energy!

The most decent one I could get.

What a princess!

Here's just a little snip of what Emma's like every morning at her new wake up time of 7am!

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