Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our little girl.

An update on our little girl:
At Emma's 12 month appointment, the doc was a little leery of how small Miss Emma was. He asked us to come back at 13 months which snuck up on us and was this past weekend. We headed to the doctor yesterday and she gained 5 oz!!! Good as he would say but not great. Apparently kids at Emma's age are to gain 8 grams a day and she's gaining about 4.5. Again, good but not great. We're on the Pediasure road, yikes is that stuff expensive or what!?!!?! 
If any moms out there have ideas of how to fatten up a little girl, let me know. She's not the biggest fan of noodles anymore, but I found out she's a rice lover. (maybe she's trying to offset the price of the Pediasure with loving rice)

And, finally a little photo shoot with her Packer's shirt on! Ready for the 2012-2013 season!

Showing off her teeth! This is her new smile, squint and all!


  1. Have you tried giving her high-calorie and healthy foods - avacado, cheese, beans (are bean high-calorie?), peanut butter? What about making your own smoothies that she might like? I'm sure there are good recipes out there that contain high calorie but are also nutritional.

  2. My mom always made a delicious dish of Black Beans and Yellow Rice. It has some great flavor, and we could always marinate chicken in some italian dressing to cook and eat. It's a great source of healthy calories and protein. Not to mention, Yellow Rice is an amazingly flavorful rice =)

    Good luck, we have a hard time getting Emmett to gain weight, too, because of how active he is.