Friday, March 16, 2012

Outside time!

The pictures go to show the awesome week we have enjoyed outside!

Emma spent about an hour just walking around the yard. 

My assumption of her helping me pick up sticks is true!!!!

Time for the backyard after her nap!


Getting ready to leave for the zoo!

"Mom, don't forget the sunscreen!"

Snacking before we went in!

Does life get any better than this? 

Only animal picture we got.... 

We went to the zoo with one of Jay's co-worker's wives, Rachel and her 3 kids!

Jude & Emma in the egg!

Learning away.... 

Juliet and Emma. 

This is what the zoo did to Emma. 

Spring/summer has arrived!!! 

Getting ready to get in the van for another park date!

What do ya know... picking up sticks again!?!?


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