Sunday, March 11, 2012

What a GREAT week!

This past week, Jay didn't have to go into work AT ALL!!!!! They have been very busy with some big deadlines and working some crazy hours. So....... they were given the week off to sleep, relax, and not work! Can you guess who loved this!?!?!  

We made 2 big purchases this week! I've sold a few things around the house to make money and room for the first one. By my request, I asked if we could purchase a recliner. With Baby #2 coming, I'm thinking my nights of getting tons of restful sleep in my own bed aren't going to last forever...... And, I remember when I was sick sleeping with my mom or on my own in the "The Blue Chair" (a blue LazyBoy).  After searching and searching, I found the perfect one!!!! I made Jay take a picture in it though. He enjoyed reading this week. 

The second purchase was a washer. We've been starting to look for one for a bit, but decided it was time to sign the dotted line when water started to seep out from underneath the old washer in a new spot. Emma loved watching them install it. 

With a new washer, Jay has loved helping out with the laundry! After we made the purchase we quite doing laundry until our new washer was to come, 10 days later..... So, we had quite a bit to do. I also have another cleaning helper these days. :)

She loves vacuuming, but hates when I vacuum. If only I could make her's work!

Emma's lovely smile.  

She really enjoys having the door open and looking out the 'big window'.
There tends to be kids out playing across the street, so she'll watch and wave to them. 

Happy happy!

Soaking up the nice weather with Daddy! 

Last, I always forget to take a picture of at least one person with Emma when they come down, but my mom emailed this to me. Emma and Grandpa!

Only 19 days left to vote for our baby's gender! It seems like I was just at the doctor and the countdown was at 30! Time flies!

Can't end the post without saying thanks to my hubby for changing many diapers this week since he didn't have to work... he helped me with mine. What a great man!


  1. My mom found a kid sized dirt devil vacuum somewhere for Brixton because he also likes to vacuum. Anyway, it's pretty quiet compared to a regular sized one so maybe Emma wouldn't hate the noise so much and she could also use it because it's kid sized. Then you can have the best of both worlds... A happy baby and a vacuumed floor.

  2. Love seeing all the updates, Jill! The blog is beautiful, your family is gorgeous. Thank you so much for the updates!