Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Christmas in June!!?!?

 This is the wonderful pool that Jennifer dropped off! Emma enjoyed it sooooo much with it being in the 90s this past weekend!

Taking a break.
Back at it!
Washing her car! 

Perfect size slide!

Jay's parents sent down a package of goodies!!! Emma loved opening it! There was also some gifts for Jay and I. I'm in love with the new purse I get to strut around wearing!

Fun plates!

"Oh, Mom, look at this dress!!!"

She was saying, "OOOOOO" in this picture.

Shirts from Myrtle Beach!
Beach Towel!
New books!!!

She is now obsessed with these busy books! She's making Daddy read them before bed time and even wants to take them outside when we go in the back yard!

I asked her to smile for the camera to say thank you. How beautiful!

This morning, Emma decided to walk around with 2 travel sized Kleenex and pretend they were phones. I asked her who she was talking to and she said, "Papa."

If you'd like an idea for a yummy, refreshing summer salad, check out one we made last night!

Last, say hello to the fabric that will be the girls' curtains! It's all washed and ready to be sewn. I just need to get going on them!

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