Thursday, April 11, 2013

3 Years & Counting

3 Years
2 Kids
1 Amazing Man
= 1 Happy Woman

We have been married for 3 years! What?!?! Some days it feels like we got hitched; other days it feels like we've been married forever. 
Maybe I'll use our anniversary posts to tell you all what we are interested in. 

Jay has gotten into bicycling. He rides to his carpool regularly, goes to the store for me, returns things to our friends when they leave things at our house, and even takes Emma to church in the tag-a-long.
He loves cracking open a book and finishing it faster than I can seem to read a few chapters in mine. He found an amazing blog called Mr. Money Mustache and has been reading up on ways to use our money wisely and retire early.   

I have been organizing and cleaning our house like a mad woman. I read a book on organizing recently and am putting some of it into action. I enjoy learning more and more about my camera. I hope to take a class sometime this spring/summer to have more of a hands on learning. I love updating our blog and selling things on Craigslist. I know nerdy.  

Here are the pictures that sum up our anniversary night:

Relaxed by the fire.

Enjoyed Chipotle, which was hand delivered by my handsome husband on his bicycle.
He continues to win me over, and over, and over again :)

3 Years & Counting!
Here's to many more years being married to the most amazing man out there! 

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