Thursday, April 18, 2013

Building, Sewing, & Snapping

Building..... Lego ramps with friends! 

Sewing.... new pillow covers! 
Talk about a makeover for the pillows, and it only cost $2.99 total!

As I was sitting at my sewing machine, thank you again Darlynn for the amazing sewing machine, I just ran away with a thought. If I had more time, energy, and projects lined up, I would totally write a blog that was called: Snack Time by the Sewing Machine. It would be stories that my girls and I share while sewing and snacking..... Maybe in a few years.
Then, the next day it was storming out like crazy.... I was trying to explain to Emma what thunder was. (I found out, it's pretty difficult to explain thunder to a 2 year old) She just looked at me and said, "No mom hippos in the clouds." Hmm..... not sure where she got that from, but she is 100% convinced that if it thunders the hippos are being loud. So, if I had more time, energy, and straight thinking, I would totally write a blog called: Hippos in the Clouds. It would be stories of the imagination of my kids and the crazy things they can think of and say. 
If only there was more time in the day :) 

 Okay- back to the title-

Snapping.... pictures! I wanted to take a picture of Emma relaxing on the couch and then she just kept saying more pictures Mommy, more. So..... who would refuse the chance to photograph this beauty!

Wish I would have been a little zoomed out on this last picture, but either way, she is so beautiful.

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