Monday, April 8, 2013

Some Firsts Mixed with Some Treats

This past week, we have been BUSY.
Tuesday, we had the treat of having Kayla, Emerson, and Oakley Poucher over for 9 hours! Yes, 9 hours! From 9-6, we were graced with their much needed presence.  TREAT!

Wednesday, we saw the Poucher clan out at Michelle's house. So, Emma was able to play with the boys again and Mason! What a treat!

Thursday, we played outside!!! It was so wonderful to be outdoors! We have missed warm weather and hope it sticks around! TREAT!

Friday, we hit up our first garage sales of the season with Skyla and Bowen. It didn't go over super well, but it was still exciting! Jay came home a little early, and we were able to get groceries and go to an event for church that night. FIRST!

Saturday, Emma had her first soccer practice. She was excited the entire time before and after soccer, but not during. There were some smiles here and there and of course those are the pictures you'll see. :) There were definitely many challenging moments, but I think we'll all walk away learning something from this soccer club. We had many different reasons that we decided to put Emma in this soccer club and one was to work on taking direction from an adult, other than the usual adults she interacts with. We'll see how this week goes! FIRST!

Miss Attitude

Luke & Tom, Mason & Michelle, Emma & I! The crew!

A few 'up-highs' at the end.

Saturday, (yep, still on Saturday) Abby came to visit for the afternoon! We went to the library and hung out. It was great to see and hang out with Abby. We haven't seen her since September! WAY TOO LONG!!!! TREAT!

We'll miss you Abby.

Saturday, (okay, last Sat. event) Emma and Jay rode to church on a bike! Well, Jay did the work while Emma enjoyed the ride. I have a feeling this won't be the last time they do this! FIRST!

Getting ready.
So excited!
They made it!
Sunday, we made homemade breakfast pizza! The bread machine made the dough and 30 minutes later, we had delicious pizza. I think our bread machine was one of the best investments we've made in a long time. FIRST!

Sunday, (another one!) Jay's parents came down! We enjoyed hanging out with them, looking through a ton of new clothes that the girls got from them, and Jay and I even got to 'sneak' away for 45 minutes. It was a pretty great Sams Club run :)  TREAT!

Makeup time.

Doctor time.
Playing with her new crayons.

Loving Grandpa.
Sunday/Monday, Emma got the flu. We are blessed that this is the first time she has gotten it, but it still doesn't make it easy. She does look pretty precious when she's asleep though. :) She's getting better. She has now kept down some applesauce and banana. But, we are taking it easy. Enjoying A LOT of movie and pacifier time today. Hoping this week is a bit slower and healthier. FIRST!

Her spot for an all-day movie day.
For a girl who never naps, she passed out for 2 hours.
On the road to recovery.
 I'll leave you with a smile from Lily. 

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